Sri Lankan born Dutch philanthropist, Illustrissimo Signore Don Jayantha Stephen Kapuwatte – Caballero de Jure Sanguinis domiciled in The Netherlands was conferred “Knight Jure Sanguinis” also styled as "Knight of The Blood” of a noble descent, of the Royal Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George. His elevation to the knighthood, of such grade (Knight Jure Sanguinis) is the very first ever worthy recognition received by a Sri Lankan born, brought honour to Sri Lanka.

Investiture ceremony on the 26th April 2013 at Église Saint-Michel in Luxembourg City

The Royal Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George is an ancient and internationally recognized dynastic noble order of Knighthood. This order maintains a very close historic and continued working relationship with the Apostolic See (Sancta Sedes in Latin), Sovereign Royal Houses and Governments across the world. The Constantinian Order also maintains Consultative Status of the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations in New York, Geneva and Vienna. His Royal Highness, Infante de España Don Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Calabria & Count of Caserta, is the current Grand Master of this Sacred Order. As part of their world-wide confraternity, the Knights and the Dames of this Order across the world, in keeping with the times today, emphasizes major contributions to great social works, namely hospital assistance and charitable relief of the poor as well in recent years to inter-religious dialogue initiatives. These obligations are at the core of everything this noble dynastic order and its knights and dames undertake and stand for today. It is also the principal way in which such ancient orders of chivalry become more relevant to our society at large.

This international investiture ceremony of new Knights and Dames took place on the 26th April 2013 at Église Saint-Michel in Luxembourg City followed by a formal dinner reception at Cercle Munster in Luxembourg. The solemn Mass was celebrated by Chaplain of The Royal Commission for Luxembourg The Rt. Revd. Tom Kerger backed by esteemed Schifflange Choir & the investiture of the new Knights and Dames was performed by His Imperial and Royal Highness István Franz von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary - The Bailiff Grand Cross of Justice & Secretary General of the administration of His Royal Highness The Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Several members of Royal families, Religious leaders, a delegation of Knights and Dames, Ambassadors, including The Sri Lankan Ambassador to The Royal Netherlands His Excellency Buddhi Athauda, several high-profile dignitaries and other family members including, Dame Desmi Jeevika Nissanka-Kapuwatte & guests across the globe graced this occasion. ILMO.SR. & Dame Kapuwatte are also honorary members of Diplomatic Council.

Photos of the Ceremony